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For ten years, The Gambia National Sports Awards Night, organised by the Gambia Sports Journalists Association (SJAG), has hosted sporting actors and parties. This initiative of the National Sports Awards was launched in 2007 and is intended to celebrate the legends of active athletes.

It is the wish of SJAG to work with and connect with all those who promote the talent and education of its members. This is the 10th edition of the Sports Awards, and the award recognizes national events that are meant to honor, recognize and reward our heroes, celebrate and recognize as they continue to inspire.

SJAG is involved in the organisation of international sporting events and its staff represent the interests of the Gambian Football Federation, the International Football Association (FIFA) and the African Football Association (AFA). sports events and provide training and career advice as well as representing SJAG staff at international events such as the FIFA World Cup, the African Cup of Nations and the Olympic Games in Africa.

Olympic debut at the 1976 Montreal Games and individual starter at the African Games and Commonwealth Games. Many members of the SJAG have dared to report on international events such as the Olympic Games.

Since February 2019, the three trainers have been regularly informing hundreds of Gambian children who benefit from equipment, resources and training provided by AVSSP and partners. Pictures and videos are sent to the trainers who work with grateful students in various sports activities. On Olympic Day, regional forces rolled into Freetown to cheers to secure the tiny West African nation until democratically elected President Adama Barrow could return home. Hundreds greeted the troops' advance on the State House, with people grabbing soldiers to take selfies.

Gambia still needs outside help and we were lucky enough to be able to access charity luggage on our flight. Many schools in the Bernstein Valley support our work in Gambie by organising "Gambia - Theme Days" to raise money for our projects.

children from Gambia and provide a package of educational facilities and resources to give them the best possible chance of success in their studies. The training sessions focused on building PE lessons, warming up and cooling down, with AVSSP trainers passing on development games, exercises and exercises that could be delivered with equipment in different environments. The training was carried out in two phases so that the young people could get involved and it became a realistic experience for the new trainers.

If you want to see handball in action, look for the fence - a paved handball court in the centre of the city, right in front of the main entrance to the city centre. In Gambia it is not common to choose this sport, as female players are rare, especially in a country of only 1.5 million inhabitants.

On the sidelines of this event, both clubs played an international friendly, in which the host SJAG defeated the guests 4-0. Four Amber Valley SSP trainers visited Gambia to provide equipment, resources, support and training to three new Gambian trainers. Members of the S SP visited the country to train with the coaches who could offer sports activities to the children's sports clubs. They met with children, parents, teachers, coaches and other players in handball.

I have a chip on my shoulder because some people said I lost, but I had a chance to learn what the coaches wanted me to learn. I will prepare better and get stronger this year because the game helps me in a very physical aspect. It won't be so good this year, I won't have that chip on my shoulder because people say we lost. It's been a great year for me and my team-mates because of all the things we've achieved this season.

But I'm very happy with my team - my colleagues and the team as a whole, because we're all very proud of ourselves and our team.

This site is a platform for sports journalists to write, manage, report on sports on social media, perhaps named above, and share their thoughts on the sport.

Like other West Africans, the Gambians are avid football and soccer fans, and the country has a national soccer team. Inter-club cricket is played in Gambia, with league matches organised by the Gambia Cricket Association, which also organises international matches. It is recognised worldwide, particularly in Africa, and enjoys the support of top bodies such as the International Cricket Council (ICC) and FIFA. Despite the fact that many countries are divided by borders, football is still very much present in many parts of Africa, particularly in West Africa.

Teachers from Gambia, who have experience working on both sides of the river in Gambia, will oversee the programme on site. Shows are regularly held during the dry season, when there is less agricultural work to be done. The AVSSP staff will be paid to participate and participate in their first two weeks in the country, and this will allow them to discover and experience a new culture and lifestyle that is not accustomed to their usual routine.

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