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Live weather, including the latest weather forecast for Banjul, the capital of Gambia, and other parts of the country. Live Weather contains the latest weather forecasts for the city and other areas of the region.

Clouds will form later and rain will continue through the rest of today and tomorrow and into the weekend. High pollution levels will peak in Banjul and other parts of the country in the coming days. For the vulnerable groups, air quality in the city, but also in other parts of the Gambia, is unhealthy.

Check out the latest weather forecast, including the forecast for the next few days and the coming week. Monthly weather averages are also included to help you plan your next trip to Banjul and other parts of the country. Learn more on our climate page and check for updates regularly. Check out our week-long forecast for the whole of Gambia and our five-day forecasts.

Weather Underground provides local and long-term weather forecasts for Banjul and other parts of the Gambia and the entire country. Check the Gambian weather page and check the latest weather data in Ban jul, Gambie regularly. Weather Underground provides local, far-reaching weather forecasts for the entire country, from the north to the south - west and east. Underground also provides daily and weekly weather information for the whole of the Gambio and the rest of West Africa, providing a comprehensive overview of weather conditions across the country and a daily forecast of local weather.

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Precipitation can occur on 21 days at 29 - 34 degrees Celsius, and the coolest month is August, with an average maximum temperature of -1.5 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperatures of the year are expected in Gambia in February, and April ranges from perfect to bad, with an average maximum temperature of -1.5 degrees Celsius. The hottest month of the year by far is August, with an average temperature of -2.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that the hot months of August and October are often the most common weather months in Gambia, but there are also frequent weather years in Gambia, including January, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December, while, unsurprisingly, June and November also have high temperatures. After rain, 10 hours of sunshine can reach the capital Freetown on a typical day.

June is the hottest month in Banjul, with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. The coldest January is 24 degrees Celsius, and the coldest February is -1.5 degrees Celsius. June was and is the hottest month of Ban jul with an average temperature of -27 degrees Celsius. January is colder and below zero in the capital Freetown, and + 2 degrees in March. The hottest months of the year in Gambia have been and are June with an average temperature of + 27 degrees.

Check out the coming week for Gambia's five-day forecast, and learn more about Saudi Arabia, Oman and New Brunswick on our climate page, as well as our five-day forecasts.

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If you are desperate for sunshine, our monthly weather forecast for Gambia provides a long-term forecast so you can choose the perfect time to visit and avoid the occasional tropical rain shower. If you are in desperate need of sunshine and are on the wrong side of the Atlantic or in the midst of a tropical rainstorm, this month - in a year's time - you will find the full range of Gambian weather forecasts, such as the best weather conditions for the next few days and the ideal time of year to visit the country, while avoiding the occasional tropical showers. And if you're desperate for sunshine, "find our months in a month - highs and lows that give you a longer time - from gambie weather forecasts with the right weather patterns for each month to find the best weather for your trip, from the sunniest days to the most miserable days and from most rainy days, so you can choose the perfect time to visit, to avoid the occasional tropical rain shower, or to get back to good weather for a day or the worst of weather.

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